Is it too late to join?
“No, we’re always looking for new skaters, refs and NSO’s!"
Do I have to know the rules?
“no but you do have to be willing to learn because we WANT to teach you!”
Do you have to be big or small to participate?
The beauty of roller derby is that all shapes and sizes can participate. There is a position that is suited for everybody.
Do I have to be tough? Also, will I get hurt?
You don't HAVE to be tough, but you will definitely be "toughened up"! And yes, this is an extreme sport and there is a chance you could get hurt. The most common derby injuries are bruises and bumps, but you will learn that in the derby world, bruises are like merit badges!
Do I get to have an awesome derby name?
YES! And there are so many fun ones to choose from!
Do I HAVE to wear a short skirt to skate roller derby?
Nope. You don't HAVE to wear a skirt at all. We require you to have a team jersey and black or green bottoms, but the rest is left up to your creative abilities. However, we ask that you do not wear anything that will impede your safety (i.e. floor length skirts or ball gowns).
What kind of gear do I need to skate?
You must provide your own wrist guards, elbow pads, knee pads, mouth guard, helmet, and skates. We have loaner gear available if you would like to try it out before making the big investment. Many derby websites offer rookie packages that include everything you need for around $200.00. Roller Girls Skates & Sin City Skates are two good sites to try.
Do I have to pay dues? If so, how much?
Yes. The reason for dues is to help us get off the ground and pay for places to practice. Dues will be $30/ month. There is also an annual fee for skater insurance once rostered The goal of CCRG is to have all girls skate for free, so there are incentives for you to do so by gaining sponsorship or new recruits. Ask for more info!
How often are practices?
We Practice twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursday from 6:30-9 at the Brandon National Guard Armory. Don’t worry if you can’t make every single practice (life happens), we do require you to make at least 60% of scheduled practices and events to play in the next bout. All practices are open, so if you would like to come out and watch or hop on some skates and try it out, you are welcome to do so!

I-20 E to Brandon (Crossgates/Puckett) take right at the Home Depot, continue straight across the train tracks. Take a left at the Red light at HWY 468 HWY 18 intersection, (second left after the Pepsi plant) about 1000 feet on the left its right after a cemetery on the left. It’s off the road a little. 300 HWY 468 Brandon MS 39042
Are there any perks?
Besides being a rad time, roller derby is a wonderful way to exercise and an excellent stress reliever. It also gives many skaters the opportunity to travel in the southeast and meet people from places all over the world. Roller Derby is also a great social outlet!